View Full Version : Local ShoutCast stream suddenly kaput.

Doug Boynton
2011-12-17, 11:36
I run several old laptops with ShoutCast/Winamp comibinations for streaming music inside my home, across the local network. I put them into the "favorites" menu at mysqueezebox.com, and get the message that there's no connection there, but there wouldn't be...for them.

The stream address looks something like (http)

Across the local network, these streams have worked just fine to my Squeezebox, to an old Receiva box, to an even older Linksys box, to any iTunes machine, and even to my iPhone.

After the last update to Server/Firmware, trying to connect with the Squeezebox to the local ShoutCast streams now gives a funny error message. (Something about "missing endpoint.")

Or the connection simply times out.

Any advice? Thanks in advance...it's probably just something I need to tweak.

- Doug Boynton