View Full Version : SlimServer problem with some album names that start withdigits

John Gresty
2004-10-16, 04:04
I've searched the bugs database to see whether anyone else has reported this
issue, so apologies if I've missed it...

When I scan my music folders, SlimServer (I'm using Version 5.3.1 on Windows
XP Pro SP2) has trouble with a couple of the albums I have. For some
reason, it builds the following structure when I browse by Artists (note
albums by Air and Mark Eitzel under artist The Music):
+Moon Safari
+Talkie Walkie
+The Music
+10. 000Hz Legend
+Mark Eitzel
+60. Watt Silver Lining
+The Music
+Welcome To The North

Note that the album folders are actually titled 10 000Hz Legend and 60 Watt
Silver Lining. Other strange effects happen if I choose different ways of
browsing (e.g. browse by Album shows up Air rather than the album name 10
000Hz Legend).

An interesting point is that I have an album called 125 by artist Lupine
Howl, but that works fine. So does 13 by Blur, 4-Track Demos by PJ Harvey
and 100th Window by Massive Attack.

It seems that because the folder name begins with digits, but is not
restricted to just digits, SlimServer is indexing as if this is a track
number? I don't think it's relevant, but it might be worth pointing out
that all my track names have file name formatting e.g. 01. First Track.

I'm not sure why the albums turn up under the artist called The Music. A
clue maybe that all my music folders live under a shared Windows folder
called Music? (SlimServer looks for music files in D:\Music).

I have a number of other weird albums/artist names that all work fine: The
The, The Music, The La's, an album called () by Sigur Ros.

Obviously, it's not a major problem, just a minor irritation...!