View Full Version : Can't connect to SBS anymore (from Linkstation)

2011-12-15, 12:25
Hi all,

I've been running SBS 7.3.3 on my Linstation Live for about a year now without too much trouble. Yesterday I accidently unplugged my Linkstation without properly shutting down and since then I just can't seem to connect to my SBS :-( ...

I can access the Linkstation through windows and browse all the folders etc as normal and I can log-in to the Linkstation control panel (?) as normal.

I just can't access the SBS via windows or via my SB3.....on a side note my SB3 now says "connect to Logitech Media server" when I look through the menu rather than "Squeezebox server"....

I can access mysqueezebox.com through my SB3 though..

Can anyone help? Please.... I can't possibly have CHristmas without my Squeezebox.... maybe it's time to do a fresh install of SBS - maybe a newer version - any recomendations on easy installs of SBS?

Thanks all..

2011-12-19, 15:57
Anyone ?? ....

2011-12-20, 07:29
Anyone ?? ....

I don't recall seeing any discussion of running SbS on Linkstation (I assume this is some sort of NAS). Is there a linkstation forum where you might find other SB users. LMS 7.7.1, the latest version of the software is quite stable, but don't have a clue about its use on a linkstation....