View Full Version : I'm just curious???

2011-12-14, 16:09
If you look down at the members present on this general Community:Forum webpage, you will notice this statement:

"Most users ever online was 1,433, 2009-02-25 at 13:15."

Why were there so many at the forum on that particular date? Does anyone know?
Just curious.

2011-12-14, 20:33
Hmmm, dunno. SB Radio was announced in Sep. '09, so that's not it. Or it could have been from this announcement:


Or perhaps it was heavy spambot day.

2011-12-14, 20:58
Mr.C., thanks for the guess....that could be it.

2011-12-14, 23:34
When did 7.4 arrive it was a major redesign of the whole UI ( in anticipation of Touch ).
Or was it when Touch leaked out :)