View Full Version : Minor SoftSqueeze Issue

Julius Friede
2004-10-15, 18:10

I don't do anything special. Download the zip file,
expand, place the folder in Applications, double click
the jar file. Softsqueeze works. I run into a problem
when I place the softsqueeze folder an additional
level down, for instance in the audio apps folder
within Applications. Then I get an error message and
softsqueeze will not launch. As I said, it's not a big
deal, I was just curious why this is.

The only problem I ran into other than this is I
clicked the button in the upper right just to the left
of the "x" and the display went to 640x480 (?) and I
couldn't change it back because the reduce button was
off my monitor. Trashing the preference file allowed
me to use softsqueeze again.


--- Richard Titmuss <richard_titmuss (AT) yahoo (DOT) co.uk>

> Julius,
> Could you explain how you place SoftSqueeze in the
> Applications
> directory, and then what you do to launch it. This
> seems to work for me,
> but being a novice mac user I don't think I am
> installing Softsqueeze in
> the applications directory correctly!
> Regards,
> Richard
> Julius Friede wrote:
> >When I place SoftSqueeze in my
> bootdrive/Applications
> >directory it functions properly. If I move it to a
> >sub-directory for organizational purposes, i.e.
> >bootdrive/Applications/audio programs, it is
> >completely broken. It can't seem to connect with
> Java.
> >It's not a real serious issue, but I would like to
> >place it in a sub-directory. I am running OSX
> 10.3.5
> >with Apple's most current Java implementation.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Julius
> >
> >