View Full Version : How to create a playlist with some local library songs, some Rhapsody songs?

2011-12-12, 14:38
Is it possible to create a playlist that is composed of some local library songs along with some Rhapsody songs? (i.e., the Rhapsody songs would be streamed, not ones that I've purchased and downloaded). Perhaps this is obvious, but I can't figure it out....

I have a SB3 and a Touch, and I usually use Rhapsody via my PC's SBS, not via MySb.com

Thanks a lot for any advice!


2011-12-12, 15:10
Yes, just add each of the songs into the Now Playing list, then save it with a name if you want to re-use the playlist later. Ufortunately, it's kind of annoying if you use replay gain because most of the Rhapsody songs will play much louder than the local ones.

2011-12-19, 09:33
Sue, thanks, this worked great for a happy hour we hosted on Friday night. And thanks for the heads up on the replay gain issue, although to be honest, I didn't really notice a difference in volume levels between my personally ripped tracks and the Rhapsody-streamed tracks (perhaps I didn't use replay gain when converting to MP3?)

Anyway, thanks again!

-- Tim