View Full Version : Rhapsody art and song info gets offset by 1

2011-12-12, 09:29
The past few weeks, I've notice that at least 50% of the time when playing a Rhapsody playlist, the album art and song info will, at some random point in the playlist, get exactly one song behind what's actually playing. The music keeps playing just fine, but it's slightly annoying to have the art and info not go with the music.

I haven't found any way to fix this other than to start the playlist over from the first song---not particularly useful when this happens halfway through a 6 hour playlist.

Anybody else seen this and/or have a way to deal with it?

2011-12-12, 10:11
Best I can suggest is to try to FFWD to the next track. This sometimes helps with stations and their metadata/art.