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2011-12-11, 05:24
I'm desparetly searching for the AutoScan-Option in version 7.7.

Any idea?


2011-12-11, 05:50
it is removed it only ever worked in Linux .

Some have tried to enable it trough manipulating the server.prefs directly but without success .

All the other recent scanner changes to support multiple directories and several kinds of content (pictures and video ) must have broken it completely .

This can probably be fixed but the big challenge is to make it work on windows.

And I have noticed that LMS is again a bit more needy than some other versions, logitech have not gained controll over how much memory scanner vs server consumes some rescan operations can break music playback especially on small servers .

They have really never managed to get the scanner to be a background process that does not interupts music playback some version do this in the artwork rescan phase some don't but again only on smaller servers and NAS boxes .
This also depends on the amount of third party plug-ins loaded .

This goes against the work to make the scanner as fast as possible then it must use memory and cpu .

When we had automatic rescan it was triggered for no reason sometimes and gave people problems with music interuptions every 10 minutes ?

it is a desirable feature, but I think they gave up on the windows implementation :-/ as I understands it Linux as OS is a better environment in this regard it has simple functions to get info on file system changes that SBS can exploit and simply know when and where something was added.
Even then it was not exactly problem free for everyone so it was often turned off.

it was simply not as easy to implement as they thougth it would be ?

We could make a request for it to appear again as a Linux only function ? LMS/SBS has some Win and Mac only functions so why not a Linux only function ? But I fear that the answer is that it would be a constant nag on getting it on windows and people would not at all be happy with the answer that "windows is bad get another OS" :-/

Is their still the original bug/request for this in bugzilla is the idea officially abandoned or will Logitech try this again ?

2011-12-11, 07:16
it is removed it only ever worked in Linux...
Hmmm, thats bad!!! it was a very good feature, I liked a lot!

2012-01-31, 06:41
Hmmm, thats bad!!! it was a very good feature, I liked a lot!

Me too, I just found out about this after updating to 7.7.1. Never had any problems with this on Ubuntu Oneiric.

Too bad. :-/

2012-02-01, 05:26
Why is it so difficult to implement this for SqueezeServer/LMS(in Windows).

Other media players manage it, albeit not streaming media centres, like Foobar2000.