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2011-12-11, 01:10
I am a happy squeezebox user since many years. I am running the LMS on my server, a wireless SB receiver in my bedroom and on my mediacenter the squeezeplay application.

We are moving to a new home where we will have two in-ceiling loudspeakers, which I'd like to serve form the LMS - in addition to the above.

As Logitech does not provide the receivers anymore, I am wondering how to accomplish this.

Do you have some input here?

Thx in advance


2011-12-11, 03:38
asuming you speakers and amp in the bedroom , get a Touch there move the reciever to drive the amp that feeds the built in speakers .

as Touch has a display it can be a clock or display cover art etc, so it's best used in a visible location .

It can be controlled by the controller or any app and web-UI just like the reciever .

With the added benefit of the Touch being a controller to for the other players if you want.

It is a better player than the reciever, better sq and more functions so it is not as cheap as an added reciever, but recently it is showing up at prices far below the normal price.

all squeezebox players can be used together in a multiroom system I had combinations of SB3 ,Reciever Touch, Radio and Boom in the past, so it does not have to be recievers.

2011-12-11, 05:10
I believe you can still find a few Receivers with some Retailers.

2011-12-12, 03:30
But why use the Receiver in the bedroom when it's possible to have a Touch there? ;)

2011-12-12, 05:51
Because the Touch will light up your whole bedroom with it's display. In the bedroom you need a Classic or a Boom or a Radio.
IMHO, of course ;)

2012-03-12, 02:23
Thanks a lot for your answers, guys (and gals?).

Meanwhile, I found another - software-based - solution: As I am a server running 24x7, I decided to use squeezeslave to serve my purpose. I will probably buy one or two additional sound cards to send music to my additional loudspeakers.

Once the solution will be in place, one squeezebox receiver and two squeezeslave players will provide sound.

Thx again