View Full Version : RadioIO Pricing

2011-12-08, 16:46
I got my first Squeezebox more then 6 years ago, and I just got around to checking out RadioIO last night. First impression... great stations, awful commercials! So I checked out their site today to see what prices were like for ad-free. Does anyone else think their prices are way too high? The Audiophile subscription is $10 a month for less then 100 stations. Who pays that when you can get Rhapsody, MOG, Slacker, or Spotify which gives you on-demand music PLUS hundreds of stations and better streaming quality?

2011-12-09, 11:14
I agree. I tried out a RadioIO sub for two months. The most irritating thing for a sub is the frequent "talking" of each station DJ even though their subscription advertising promised interruption-free music. I inquired about this with them.... <crickets>. I cancelled and moved to Rhapsody.