View Full Version : MOG radio help

2011-12-06, 08:20
Just downloaded the MOG ap and am playing it through mysqueezebox.com. I am confused as to how to play MOG radio stations - I can get them on my computer but cant figure out how to get them in my favorites or playlists. Also, is there anyway to verify the streaming rate?


2011-12-06, 09:10
Select artist in MOG favorites, right arrow and scroll for options.

If you play a MOG favorites album through the LMS web controller it will indicate stream rate at the top right pane.

I have not been successful at getting MOG radio to play through the LMS web controller, only through the Touch itself. I suspect this is because the radio function is through msb.com only?


2011-12-29, 13:30
when you are looking at the current song or playlist, press and hold until the menu appears. select the Artist and press. next menu should have the "Artist Radio."