View Full Version : SBS vs LMS vs SSOTS

johan d
2011-12-05, 01:11
Hello, i have a duet and a radio squeezebox running on a QNAP P219+ nas. It runs om SBS 7.5.3.
Now with this new naming convention of Squeezeboxserver i don't know which software to install or upgrade.
Can anyone give a light on this?


thx, Johan

2011-12-05, 15:57
One server software, but five different names.
That's quite easy: ;-)
- SliMP3 Server, initially
- SlimServer ("SS"), from release 5.0.0 to release 6.5.4
- SqueezeCenter ("SC"), from release 7.0.0 to release 7.3.3
- Squeezebox Server ("SBS"), from release 7.4.0 to release 7.6.1
- Logitech Media Server ("LMS"), starting from release 7.7.0

SSOTS was historically for "SlimServer On TurboStation" (and followed SSODS, SlimServer On DiskStation), but - although its name hasn't changed - it's followed the server software's evolution.

SSODS/SSOTS is a third-party distribution of the server software that's been specifically designed to run on some NAS boxes.

Latest SSODS/SSOTS release is 4.14, and supports Squeezebox Server 7.6.1.
There's no (official) release available for LMS, yet (but coming from 7.5.3, 7.6.1 is already worth the update, IMO).

You can also possibly use your NAS vendor's SBS/LMS distribution, but I'm not sure which version QNAP provides today.