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Patrick Delamere
2004-10-15, 01:30
I've got the Dell Axim X30 - works very well indeed. Has wi-fi + Bluetooth
built in, including a 624mhz processor. I prefer it to my old Compaq
because it's thinner and holds better in my hand - in my view anyway.
It was exactly because of the sleeves on the Compaq that I decided not to
get one again. I had a Bluetooth sleeve with my last Compaq PDA.
The screen on my Dell Axim X30 is pretty decent as well. It only seems to
support SD cards though, so the lack of compact flash support probably
explains why it's lower priced than the Compaq. It doesn't matter to me
though, so it really depends what your requirements are.


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I use my HP iPaq 4150. It has built-in wi-fi and that keeps the size down.
The handheld skin fits well onto the screen and the album art shows up well.
Wouldn't be without it.


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on a side note - can people chime in about which PDA's they use to
squeezebox? my last attempt at a wireless PDA was a Compaq ipaq that
those enormous sleeves to hold the cards..i returned it in a day. what's
there that has good screen rez, good wireless range etc.. yeah i could
tom's hardware - but i want to use it for this so i'm asking here -
good? and what sucks?

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Subject: [slim] anyone weatherproof a SB?

> Have you considered buying a wi-fi equipped PDA and then using
> that to control your music through the web interface? This has
> the advantage of keeping you SB inside in the dry and warm,
> allows control from virtually anywhere within wi-fi range and
> is much easier to build up and manage playlists.
> Might work out a little more expensive, but certainly easier.
> (Of course if you don't have wif-fi then this isn't a viable
> solution.)

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