View Full Version : Resume on start - bug or no bug?

2011-12-04, 08:18
The power on options such as pause, resume, etc. only apply when the player (Touch or Radio) is connected to a local server. You have to manually hit play when connected to mysb.com.

Is this a bug, a design feature, or just a missing feature?

2011-12-04, 08:52
Mysb.com has fever settings than a local server .

Some settings are local to a player and some player settings is for a player when conected to that particular server .

It was more consistent and tranparent with the old more stupid players all settings except networking where on the server(s) .

speaking of the mysb.com server what power settings are avaible for a radio there ? i gues they are more limited options ?
from *really* off is one thing, but how is the soft off ? Here typically any squeezebox can be put into action by pressing play instead of power.

I think this has been raised as a bug in the past, give it some fresh votes .

Bug or not, mysb.com is not as feature rich. but it can always be argued that a "radio" would start to play when powered . i would not expect this from a hifi system but from a radio.

On the other hand Radio has the feature to come alive when power is aplied to it probably to be able to charge the battery, given that mysb.com is avaible all the time a lot of radios would start to play after a power outake :) if it worked as you desire.
you have more controll over your local server, it is probably off when you are on vacation , but is your internet conection off to ? if you where away on a short weekend tripp.

2011-12-04, 10:33
There are zero power options at mysb.com !! Settings there are minimal.

It's a big omission expecially for the Radio - every other system I've used does an auto-replay of last station when switched back on.