View Full Version : Logitech and vTuner

2011-12-04, 05:43
Just followed the internet radio topic and found that most of big hi-fi and audio equipment vendors (list is on the sight) have a server platform called http://www.vtuner.com/services.asp as a common place for internet radio

I guess it is an analog to mysqueezeserver hosted by Logitech

Seen the diversification of vTune platform vs. privately hosted by Logitech question of hosting costs was coming to my mind as well.

Is there any indication that Squeeze/Logitech will follow this trend as well and become a global partner of common platform?

Or putting it differently. In case Logitech decides to discontinue Squeeze devices support and stops own server would there be any chance to reconnect devices to vTuner? (as an exit strategy with low harm to users)

2011-12-04, 06:23
I guess you better compare vtuner with tunein.com which is used by the Squeezeboxes as a Internet radio dictionary.

2011-12-04, 06:45
I've used vTuner on my Yamaha AVR and it is really nothing like MySB.com. Some basic disadvantages to vTuner as I understand it and as I've used it:
- requires an embedded chip in the hardware device to access vTuner, same as Reciva
- no subscription services offered (Pandora, Slacker, Rhapsody, Spotify, etc..)
- as jo-wie suggests, it's really just a TuneIn.com type stream aggregator
- limited codec support (just mp3 and WMA)
- web UI is very simplistic, very basic