View Full Version : Wi-Fi PDA's - was: anyone weatherproof a SB?

Aynsley Blake
2004-10-15, 00:10
I use my HP iPaq 4150. It has built-in wi-fi and that keeps the size down. The handheld skin fits well onto the screen and the album art shows up well. Wouldn't be without it.


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Subject: [slim] Wi-Fi PDA's - was: anyone weatherproof a SB?

on a side note - can people chime in about which PDA's they use to control
squeezebox? my last attempt at a wireless PDA was a Compaq ipaq that used
those enormous sleeves to hold the cards..i returned it in a day. what's out
there that has good screen rez, good wireless range etc.. yeah i could read
tom's hardware - but i want to use it for this so i'm asking here - what's
good? and what sucks?

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Subject: [slim] anyone weatherproof a SB?

> Have you considered buying a wi-fi equipped PDA and then using
> that to control your music through the web interface? This has
> the advantage of keeping you SB inside in the dry and warm,
> allows control from virtually anywhere within wi-fi range and
> is much easier to build up and manage playlists.
> Might work out a little more expensive, but certainly easier.
> (Of course if you don't have wif-fi then this isn't a viable
> solution.)

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