View Full Version : Squeezeboxen connecting via external IP address

2011-12-02, 08:38
I sometimes connect to my Vortexbox library from locations outside of my home by connecting via the external IP address. What I've noticed in iPeng that concerns me, is that even when I am home and on WiFi my players will often times show as being connected to the external address (99.82.xxx.xxx), rather than the internal address (192.168.xxx.xxx). This seems to happen by itself. I'll switch the players over to the internal address, but the next time I open iPeng they'll show as connected to the external address. Doesn't happen everytime, but often enough that I'm posting this question.

Does this distinction between external and internal address matter? Is the data being routed through my cable modem (out to the internet, then back in) when a player is connected to the external address? This would introduce a potential bottleneck, no?

All this said, I've not noticed any playback issues. Just want to understand this better.

2011-12-02, 08:52
It seems the data is routed to your modem and back again, but as long as your modem does its job, it shouldn't be a bottleneck. Just a bit more traffic on the Ethernet cable connecting the router to your LAN, and a bit more CPU and memory load on the router. The cable (WAN) connection probably isn't involved at all.

You could try disabling loopback (or something like that) on you router. Most routers have this option disabled by default, as some sort of security feature.

2011-12-02, 08:59
The router appears to have internal loopback capabilities, and as such, is using the external IP when on the LAN as an alias for the LAN IP. Nothing is going out of the WAN port in this situation.