View Full Version : Squeezeslave Makefile for OpenWrt?

2011-12-01, 15:59
Hi folks, I'm trying to get Squeezeslave on an ASUS WL-520GU router, riffing off of this dude's recipe:


I notice that forum member MusicManiac got Squeezeslave built for the brcm47xx target of OpenWrt, see here:


Unfortunately, the brcm47xx target's wireless drivers seem incompatible with the 520GU so I need to build Squeezeslave for the brcm2.4 target.

Not quite sure how to go about integrating Squeezeslave code into my OpenWrt tree, so I'm hoping someone here has a Squeezeslave Makefile for any version of OpenWrt that I can tweak for the brcm2.4 target.

Thanks in advance.