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2011-12-01, 04:02
Hi All

Wondered what the views were on spotify apps that were announced yesterday?


For me this is a good step forward, I use spotify mainly for new music and playlists, judging by some of the apps that are going to be available this saves me from having to switch between web browser and spotify search and can now get pitchfork, guardian reviews etc within spotify, quite interested to see what the lastFM app is like and other playlist generation tools.

I did wonder whether there would technically ever be scope for a Squeezebox app for spotify where you could auto send music to play on a SB player, that would be quite smart if you find music on the spotify desktop/mobile app and send to SB player to play, currently I tend to use spotify app slightly more to find music and add as playlist then play via Triodes plugin rather then search and play with the plugin.


2011-12-09, 06:49
I think a Squeezebox app in Spotify would be fantastic. The Spotify client would then be turned into a remote control for Squeezebox. Download the Beta with apps an a new radio here:


2011-12-09, 06:54
Well, you could just use iPeng's built-in browser which gives you pretty much what you want, at least for anything you can reach through a web page.

Ok, that obviously doesn't work with the Spotify applications but up to now most content is still available on the web first.