View Full Version : Small amplifier needed to Slimp3/SB - in-wall mounted?

Christopher Jacob
2004-10-14, 09:47
I saw somewhere (I think on this list) where someone had an amplifier that
looked like a dimmer switch and fit into a standard outlet box. I looked
around for it when I considered mounting a SLIMP3 in a wall, but changed my



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Subject: [slim] Small amplifer needed to Slimp3/SB - in-wall mounted?

Hi, I have 5 Slimp3 devices. I love them, however I am now moving into my
own house and are building in the Slimp3 devices into the walls in the
rooms. Pretty neat, also I have in-wall speakers in the rooms.

However, I now need some sort of amplifier between the Slimp3 and the
speakers(unless someone can find powerd in-wall speakers), could anyone
please suggest such a amplifier(I would need 5 amplifiers soo the price is a
issue). It must be a small (and rather simple) amplifier that can be hidden
completely behind/inside the wall.


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