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Nic Wardle
2004-10-14, 02:28
I think I needed a slap in the face to calm me down!!
I went back to being rational and decided to look at the setup of the server.

It was pointing to the "my music" folder for slimserver to get its music folder and also had itunes "enabled". I realised that the "history" and "MAC address of squeezebox" playlist files were at that location and these were being included in the song count.... pointing the music folder section to >my music/itunes/itunes music - solved the problem!!
If I just use the "use itunes" i don't get my FLAC files which I (for some reason) store in the >my music/itunes/itunes music folder as well (these are obvioulsy ignored by itunes itself)

Thanks for making me think like an adult again!!!


KDF wrote:

it might help to isolate the problem if you were to temporarily move all your playlists in your Playlists folder and wipe the cache again. This way you can either narrow it to or eliminate playlists as the culprit. Also, if you have a music folder setting, try setting that blank if you are using iTunes. Another idea is to keep your music folder and playlists folder separate.

This is not a common problem with the current release, so you must calm down and try things one at a time.

Quoting Nic Wardle <nic (AT) nwardle (DOT) freeserve.co.uk>:

> I have no moved or missing files, I do have 3 songs in a "No Artist/No album"
> entry. But I can't see how that would result in the song count rising
> by the number of songs in a recently browsed Album etc...
> Has anyone had any thoughts about this for me?!!! Help!
> Nic
> Roy M. Silvernail wrote:
> >After a little testing, it would seem that the total song count is
> >increased
> when I browse the saved playlists (ie, itunes:My Top Rated) this adds
> that number of songs to the total number in my collection!!!
> >I can reproduce this every time.
> >
> >
> Do your playlists include tracks that are no longer on your system or
> have been moved to other locations? Do you have any entries under 'No
> Artist/No Album'? I don't use iTunes, so I'm not familiar with how it
> constructs playlists, but is it by chance constructing different
> pathnames for the 'My Top Rated' tracks?
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