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2011-11-24, 07:35
I have noticed that many people are flumaxed by the scanning process as was I. It proved unpredictable and often is a great source of frustration and fury for many users often leading to abandoning Squeeze altogether.

I have been using Squeezeserver since Slimserver 6.x. For a long time now I have battled to scan my music into Squeeze. I have approx 100 000 tracks and the scan would take (if it completed) more than 6 hours and would be completely unpredictable.

I run on windows WIN7: Home Premium

I had previously thought that one of the following was the problem:
1. Rogue UTF8/16 Ecoding
2. A Rogue track ripped on unix box/ Itunes Mac
3. Some funny char in a Tag of sorts
4. An illegal char in Filename.

I finally had some time on my hands and decided to try and resolve the issue once and for all.

I came across a huge directories of unsorted music buried deep in my collection.
1. There were 8000 tracks. All had the same AlbumArtist and had the same Album
1.1 It seemd that LMS (Slim/Squeeze/Logitech Media Server) tried to create an a single album out of this folder. It seemd to get stuck in this directory for hours.
2. To resolve, I used MusicIp to update Album and Artist and with MP3Tag I updated album artist and created ordered subfolders off the Directory structure.

This fixed the scan. It now takes a predictable 120 minutes to do a complete scan on my old Server.

I am posting this to:
1. Inform user who are having problems scanning. You may need to sort out your rogue directories first
2. Inform developers to perhaps try and code around this issue or look at it seriously in order to help new users and speed up scanning in this type of instance.


V Happy Squeeze user.