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2011-11-23, 05:34
I have tried to find a solution to quite a simple problem that I guess many people have?
I use a Yamaha av amp which has connection to my LAN and has its own web interface to control the unit remotely. The amps web interface can change the input and power the unit up and down remotely over the network.
What I am trying to find is an addin that would allow me to automate the amps power on and off as the squeezebox is switched on/ off.
It would also be useful if the addin would allow selection of the slimserver input when the slim server is powered on.

Can anyone help? Surely this would be a useful app to many?

2011-11-23, 05:56
I would find that quite useful too. I would be especially interested in something that allows the volume to control the amp/receiver instead of the Squeezebox player.

I have a Pioneer receiver and it, too, has a web interface where you can control power, input, volume, etc.

2011-11-24, 11:26
One possible approach is to install Firebug (http://getfirebug.com/) in Firefox, watch the requests going from the browser to the receiver's web interface, and learn how they work. The next step would be to configure LMS to issue such requests automatically, which I believe should be doable. But ideally all this should be documented by the makers of the receivers, which should save you the reverse engineering of the first step.

2012-06-21, 17:50
Did anyone make any progress on this?

I did a bit of tracing on my yamaha and looks like simple HTTP post requests with XML request/response bodies. Wasn't too hard to get together some curl scripts to turn it on, set the input and change volume. I'd like a plugin that could do this but rather not write my own.

2012-06-21, 18:59
Take a look at "EventGhost". I use it to controlled my amp via RS232. It is possible that there is a plugin available that could be used for control over LAN (have not looked for this specifically but the software is very versitile).

2012-06-22, 05:32
To elaborate further (this assumes your server is running on windows ie. can use EventGhost))

I use the Zoom Player plugin to listen on:
Host: localhost
Port: 9090
to get iPeng/LMS web interface inputs

Then I take the payloads received to trigger actions to my AV equipment

example - Then EventGhost: Python Command "eg.event.payload ==[u'00%3A04%3A20%3A00%3A00%3Aa1 prefset server power 1']" - if successful execute macro to turn on amp

I believe you could then send HTTP commands as detailed in this post (have not used this but it sounds like what you are looking for)

I use this system to control my amp power, input selection and volume levels and it works very well. The only difference being i am using serial commands to control my equipment rather than HTTP.