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Andrew Lucas
2004-10-13, 10:14
If all you want to do is get movies out of your pc and onto a tv set, then
there is a simple way depending on how your house is wired up. You don't
need to resort to streaming.

Use a good video card with dual hardware overlay (the better matrox ones are
great), and duplicate your desktop onto the tv out, use an RF modulator then
to get the signal into your tv antenna distribution then simply tune a tv in
and you will see your pc on as many tv's as you like.
Then use a good wireless keyboard/mouse (the gyration ones have excellent
range) and you can control the pc remotely.

Or, perhaps simpler, there is a pc to tv RF sender I have seen which would
just plug in and work...

The downside of this is every tv sees the same thing and you get into the
complexities of de-interlacing...

Ripped DVD's work great this way too.


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I'd just like to stream mpeg video files through my network to my tv without
having to install a PC down where my tv is. TV shows, videos, or any other
mpeg video file. I would like to have a directory of files on a linux or
windows server, the device would know that my video files are there and have
a tv interface to let me scroll through the contents of the directory. It
would read the encoded titles or just display the filename. I would push
play on the remote and it would start streaming to the box to decode them
play on the tv. From there it would just work as a vcr. I can't tell you
how many times I've missed a tv show only get stuck having to watch it later
on my pc. Would be nice to be able to stream it to the tv.

Obviously without a video output the squeezebox can't do this (doubt it even
has the processing power). Maybe in a few versions?