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2011-11-21, 13:36
Hi all

Something very odd is happening with 7.7. All has worked fine for years, up to and including 7.6.x, but 7.7 has gone loopy. Clicking an Artist in the GUI takes me to music completely unrelated to that artist. I've done a clear and rescan but the same happens.

If a picture paints a thousand words then please watch this short video.....

Heeeelppppppp :-)


PS Clearing the cache has not helped :-(


Logitech Media Server Status
Logitech Media Server Version: 7.7.0 - r33614 @ Tue Oct 18 11:07:25 PDT 2011
Hostname: music.jimwillsher.co.uk
Server IP Address:
Server HTTP Port Number: 9000
Operating system: Debian - EN - utf8
Platform Architecture: x86_64-linux
Perl Version: 5.10.1 - x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi
Database Version: DBD::SQLite 1.34_01 (sqlite
Total Players Recognized: 3

Library Statistics
Total Images: 0
Total Videos: 0
Total Tracks: 8,767
Total Albums: 602
Total Artists: 842
Total Genres: 64
Total Playing Time: 613:30:38

Media Scan Details
Discovering files/directories: /mnt/music/Music (9614 of 9614) Complete 00:00:20

Scanning new music files: /mnt/music/Music (8767 of 8767) Complete 00:09:20

Discovering playlists: /mnt/music/Playlists (19 of 19) Complete 00:00:00

Scanning new playlists: /mnt/music/Playlists (18 of 18) Complete 00:00:08

Pre-caching Artwork (480 of 480) Complete 00:00:20

The server has finished scanning your media library.
Total Time: 00:10:08 (Monday 21. November 2011 / 20:30:05)

Player Information
Information on all identified devices connected to Logitech Media Server

Gracefield Boom
Player Model: Squeezebox Boom
Firmware: 57
Player IP Address:
Player MAC Address: 00:04:20:1e:40:20
Wireless Signal Strength: 58%

Gracefield Kitchen
Player Model: Squeezebox Classic
Firmware: 137
Player IP Address:
Player MAC Address: 00:04:20:12:53:25
Wireless Signal Strength: 84%

Gracefield Study
Player Model: Squeezebox Classic
Firmware: 137
Player IP Address:
Player MAC Address: 00:04:20:06:1c:47


Cache Folder
Preferences Folder
Plugin Folders
/var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins, /usr/sbin/Plugins, /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/Plugins
Logitech Media Server Log File
/var/log/squeezeboxserver/server.log (100, 500, 1000 lines)

Scanner Log File
/var/log/squeezeboxserver/scanner.log (100, 500, 1000 lines)


2011-11-21, 16:41
Interesting video! Not experienced this problem myself and for me 7.7 scanning is working properly whereas 7.6 messed up badly for me.

I once had issues like this with the database in the 7.5 era however. Turns out I had been fiddling around with the SQL settings and messed things up.

If you upgraded from 7.6, have you tried a *fresh* reinstall of 7.7? Uninstall, erase the "C:\Program Files\Squeezebox" directory to make sure all's gone, then reinstall 7.7.

Good luck!

PS: OOps, I see from the directory structure that you're running Linux rather than Windows.

2011-11-21, 19:04
Looks like it's pulling up a bunch of compilation albums. Is that every compilation album in your library, or just a part of them?

2011-11-21, 19:21
Actually, it's this bug:

Albums Not credited to Album Artist

The problem is that when you browse into the artist 'Art Garfunkel', he appears on a compilation album. That album should be with the artist 'Various Artists' beneath it. When you click the artist name 'Art Garfunkel' it takes you to 'Various Artists' albums, not 'Art Garfunkel' albums. It's linking to the correct place, but the artist name shown for the album is wrong. Then when you get to the album list, the breadcrumbs shown are also wrong, displaying the bad artist name.

Lots of little new bugs in 7.7 to go with all of the old unresolved 7.6 bugs.

2011-11-22, 00:30
Well spotted :-) Yes it does seem to be that bug.

I never experienced it in 7.6.x but it's certainly there now and it's quite a nuisance.