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Bennett, Gavin (LDN Int)
2004-10-13, 08:34

Isn't it only the "geek elite" that buy SqueezeBoxes?

I currently use a Pioneer f727 300 disc DVD player. But when it is full am
considering the Kiss DVD network player
(http://www.kiss-technology.com/?p=558&v=users). I am hoping that Slim
Devices do a DVD version before I have to buy a Kiss DVD player. With the
cost of hard disks dropping and the ability of even cheap motherboards to
offer a RAID 1 array a hard disked based solution is ever more attractive.

For me there is a lot of appeal for a SqueezeBoxDVD particularly as I like
the OpenSource approach that SlimDevices have taken. It means I do not need
shelves and shelves of space for DVDs which can be dumped in a box in the
garage like the CDs.


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DVD Shrink is great if you are watching movies on a smaller screen or are
not bothered by picture quality being degraded. I have a pretty nice 51" TV
and any degredation in the picture would be totally unaccepteable. This
means that each DVD title in my library would take up 7GB, requiring me to
invest in storage for something like 500GB of movies.

Additionally streaming full quality DVD over a network is going to be hit or
miss at best, considering the large bitrate needed. Ideally some form of
QoS would be used on the network to ensure the movie playback was given
higher priority over less important traffic. Typical home setups don't have
QoS capabilities of any kind.

I guess what I'm driving at here is that the appeal for DVD playback through
a device like the Squeezebox is certainly there for the "geek elite" but for
joe consumer it would be too much headache, too much storage, and too many
potential problems to really make it an attractive option.

Putting a DVD in the player is certainly a better option for many home
theater enthusiasts.


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DVD Shrink is a free product for the pc that does the same thing. How sweet
it would be to call your whole collection up from the network. Wonder why
no one has started beating down this path? I have tried mythtv, freevo, and
the like. Problem is that who really want to bothand interface a pc to
their tv, a set top box like the squeezebox would be VERY ideal. Heck, even
an inteface to slim server and my music right from the tv interface would be
way cool too!

My guess is that this type of a product is right around the corner,
hopefully it comes from someone who believes in the open source stuff like
slim does... Anyone have an idea what it would take hardware wise to do
something like this? Slim has the audio licked, what would need to be
included for video processing? Am I dreaming to big?

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>Subject: [slim] What about DVDs?
>Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 21:42:47 -0400
>There's a free app for Mac which does full backups of DVDs and so far
>it's still available from legit sources like MacUpdate. It's called
>MacTheRipper and totally works. I've used it a bit and you can even
>open the .vob directory from within the Apple DVD player. It'd be
>slick to call up movies from a network drive and have your whole library
just there...
>not too far from Slim, but for video
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