View Full Version : limit bandwidth to 96 KBPS?

Jean Gionet
2004-10-13, 06:08

I've been using slimserver for a little while now and have been using
it on a Windows2000 Server. I have lame.exe installed so to limit
bandwidth to 96KBPS while streaming with Winamp. This was working fine
until the latest version released. Now I can only stream at 320KBPS
even though my player settings are still set to 96KBPS. I tried
installing the latest built and I'm still having the same problem. Any
ideas how to fix? (I am getting this msg in settings: "The LAME
encoder appears to be installed correctly on your system."

Also, is there a way I can make this a GLOBAL setting for ALL the
players? I want to limit connections to 96KBPS all the time.


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