View Full Version : Linux install newbie help - setting Music Folder problem

2004-10-13, 04:48

My MP3s are all in individual Artist/Album_Title folders off
Saved Playlists are in home/two/Playlists

Have had this problem, every time I do a fresh install of Slimserver (just
upgraded to 5.3.1):

Using the browser interface (from a separate machine on the LAN), Server
Settings page, no matter how I type in /home/two/Music - with a trailing
slash, without the starting slash, with/without quote marks, preceded by
hostname, etc., etc., etc., etc,............. - I always get an 'Oops!, that
doesn't appear to be a valid directory....' message. (same goes for setting
the Saved Playlists directory).

Have tried changing ownership & permissions (the 'Music' folder is owned by
'two' and is in group 'two' - 'slimserver' has membership of 'two'; 'Music'
has permissions 755 - rwxr-xr-x, and I've tried everything up to 777). None
of which helped.

Trying all conceivable options of pathname, user & group ownerships and
permissions takes a looooong time :-)

I've always had to resort to manually editing slimserver.conf 'audiodir'
(/home/two/Music) and 'playlistdir' (/home/two/Playlist) - and restarting
slimserver, of course. All of which happens without any complaint, and I'm

Cheers, Jon H-D