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Stefan Christiansson
2004-10-12, 16:35
Hi Jon,

You should be able to do this by adding all the radio stations you want to
access from Touch through the Squeeze Box menu. When all stations are queued
you bring up the playlist in either Touch or any other skin and choose save.
Name the skin Radio and it should be accessible through the Radio shortcut
on the start screen.

Hope this helps.


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Perhaps I'm a bit thick but can someone explain to me how I can do
this? I want to be able to access all of the Internet Radio stations
offered by SB from the Touch interface. I make all of my playlists in
iTunes so I'm not sure how to do one of just the Internet Radio stations.


Stefan Christiansson wrote:

>Regarding the Radio feature on the Touch interface, this is simply a
>shortcut to a playlist named Radio. If you want to use it just add internet
>radio stations to a playlist and save it as Radio.
>The radio feature will probably not be in Clarity since it really doesn't
>add any functionality.

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