View Full Version : SlimService 5.3.1, MSIE Browser, and ZoneAlarm 5.x

Michael Sigalos
2004-10-12, 14:47
Wondering if anyone has dealt with this issue yet...

I have a Windows domain server that hosts the SlimServer application for 3
Squeezebox units. I routinely connect to the SlimServer webservice using
an XP client workstation and MSIE 6. I also run ZoneAlarm 5.x.

I upgraded the XP workstation to SP2 and the SlimServer to 5.3.1 roughly
simultaneously. Since doing so, I have noticed that whenever I try to
access the Server or Player Settings via the web browser, I get a notice
that I am not authorized to view the page. All other pages seem to work
normally (i.e. playlists, browing genres, etc). To get to the Server or
Player Settings pages, I have to shut down ZoneAlarm. This seems to imply
that ZA is the problem but I know this setup used to work under 5.2.x and
SP1. Unfortunately, since I upgraded XP and SlimServer simultaneously, I
am not sure which is to blame.

Everything works fine, it's just inconvenient to shut down ZA everytime I
want to wipe the cache or change a setting for one of the players.

Any ideas?