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Christopher May
2004-10-12, 13:53
As for the PDA screen size, its VERY nice to have a touch-pad type
display. You can program/design the layout of your uber-remote! If
you're interested surf on over to here:


Something I have been thinking about - are there any IP based audio
switcher? So you could just go to a web page on the switcher and tell it
to play the music in the kitchen, or bedroom, etc..

Then you would only need one stereo system and just place speakers in
the other rooms.

And if you have a fancy PDA that uses cellular tech to surf the web, you
can always browse your library via slimserver and remote streaming while
at the music store, "Do I have that album?", or query CDDB "What album
was that song on?"....


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Does SoftSqueeze work on both Palm PDAs and Pocket PCs?

I'm thinking about what I should do to have music (and radio
programmes) in several rooms.

Among the solutions I've considered are

(i) a second Squeezebox.

I know it will work well.

Not all that convenient for moving from room to room, unless I got
multiple Squeezeboxes.
Expensive if I got more than one.

(ii) Widio

Will work from my stereo, not just from stuff held on my computer.
Easily transportable (either with headphones or with small speakers
in each room).

Not ye available, especially in UK.
Involves a second wi-fi network, which might interfere with my main
network (computer to Squeezebox and occasional desktop to laptop).

I'm not worried about lack of remote control, i would almost
certainly want to control either from hi-fi or from computer.

(iii) PDA
Does a lot more than just stream music and speech. For instance,
could use to replace the remotes for my various appliances. Question:
does this work well, given the small screen? And, of course, could
use for many other things. Easily transportable.


I would be interested in other people's views.

Daniel Cohen