View Full Version : Searching for my own posts

2011-11-10, 00:25
The "Search" mechanism here seems not to search on the userid field (a search for "Swiftie" yieded few of my own posts, and not the one I wanted).

Is there any other mechanism which would display threads that I participated in, and threads that I originated?

I know that I can see this by looking through all the threads, and checking the icon for threads where I participated, but this is a rather tedious process.

2011-11-10, 00:27
Why is it that you always find the answer seconds after making a fool of yourself by asking?

A: Advanced Search.

2011-11-11, 08:47
fyi, you can also find _all_ of your posts by clicking on your blue underlined username in any of your posts (click -> "Find all posts by Swiftie")