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2011-11-08, 12:29
I just added three podcasts, How To Do Everything, Freakonomics Radio, and The Moth to this squeezebox menu:
Internet Radio->Staff Picks->Ben's Picks->Podcasts

more on those podcasts here:

I've long been a fan of podcasts, and in my advancing years I'm finding they are taking up an increasingly larger percentage of my listening time. Tomorrow I'm starting a job that, for the first time in a decade, requires me to commute. This spurred me to explore more of what was out there, mainly so I could listen to something entertaining during my potentially white-knuckled drives to the office. I'll be doing that listening on this nifty little Sansa Clip+ that I just picked up (more on that here: http://ask.metafilter.com/199286/Why-the-1-for-Sansa-Clip).

But of course, I'd like to be able play these on my Squeezebox as well*. The UI for podcasts on Squeezebox has never been what it should be, mainly because Logitech decided to [redacted]. In a perfect world, Squeezebox would have some podcast-specific UI features-- bookmarking, resuming where you last left off, marking podcasts that have been already listened to, etc. Worse yet, the only half-successful service for accessing podcasts, the MediaFly "app", seems to be basically dead (?) now (the UI always sucked anyway).

However, I find that accessing rss feeds of podcasts through the Ben's Picks->Podcasts list to be at least a passably acceptable UI. Any of these list items will show you the up-to-date current feed and will typically sort chronologically, newest at the top (if the feed author knows what they are doing). Perfect, no. But nice enough to share :)

I invite you all to give any of these new podcasts a shot, I'm finding them all quite entertaining. I'm going to vet several more in the coming weeks, and may be adding a few more to the list. If I do, I'll post to this thread to let the forum community know about it.

Also, got a favorite podcast? Post it here.


* I have all these files dowloaded locally and could stream these via SBS, but what fun is that?

2011-11-09, 07:11
Cool. Like the freakonomics one...

2011-11-09, 08:44
I'm a huge fan of Freakonomics, good choices. :)

2011-11-09, 09:22
Also, got a favorite podcast? Post it here.

Do you accept German recommendations?
Or do I need to suggest that to Michael?

2011-11-09, 10:24
I'll just use names, not links, since people use so many different ways to get them (iTunes, podcatchers, etc)

Betty in the Sky With A Suitcase
PRI's The World in Words
NPR Car Talk (a very funny radio show I never remember to listen to during its broadcast time)
Spycast, from the International Spy Museum in Wash DC
NY Times Tech Talk