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2004-10-11, 16:56
Run it on a dedicated Linux server and the problems you describe should
pretty much not be an issue.


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Hi y'all

I'm using slimserver 5.3.1 running on a 2.0 GHz Pentium with 256 MByte RAM
under Win Xp Pro. My music directory contains about 8,500 tracks, all MP3. I
got two SB wireless, one is currently connected via wire (for test purposes
only). I am trying to determine whether a Slimserver system is suited for
commercially used multi-room applications, i.e., is it reliable enough for
applications in large private houses where no computer geeks are around to
kick it back to life should the music die (for whatever purposes) So far, my
experience is that it is NOT. Example: I got one SB playing an internet
radio station while I creat a playlist of ALL music files in my msuic
directory. All of a sudden the SB playing the internet radio station stops
playing or just loses contact to the slimserver (so does the other SB). It
seems to me that the SLimserver software got its priorities wrong: while I
wouldn't mind having to wait a few minutes in the one room I am creating the
playlist, it's a clear no-no that neither the msuic in the other room should
stop nor either one of the SBs should lose contact to the Slimserver.
Somewhere in the FAQs it is mentioned that up to 12 SBs (or more) could be
connected to the Slimserver. WHat good is this, if the msuic stops all of a
sudden just because someone somewhere in the house is playing with the
remote? Maybe I'm doing something totally wrong or this is a real
disadvantage of the SLimserver system which I'd find really sad because I do
appreciate all the features and possibilities of its open software. Please



Robin Bowes
2004-10-12, 03:46
Jason wrote:

>Run it on a dedicated Linux server and the problems you describe should pretty much not be an issue.
Not so. This is not an O/S issue, it occurs because slimserver is
single-threaded, i.e. the playlist building and audio streaming routines
exist within the same thread. When the playlist is being built it hogs
the thread causing the audio streaming to pause.