View Full Version : LMS 7.7.0 does not let pc go to standby

2011-11-06, 10:35
The new Logitech Media Server does not seem to let my pc go to standby. The settings are the same as I used for 7.6.1 and before, namely let the pc sleep after 20 idle minutes, and prevent standby if players are on. This worked in the past, and does not seem to work since the upgrade. Has anyone else noticed whether or not this works since the upgrade? Am I missing or forgetting something? I am using win 7 x64.

2011-11-07, 23:30
Same problem here.


2011-11-09, 19:19
I contacted Logitech support, and they had no advice, just a comment that there "seem to be a lot of changes with the new media server", along w/ a link to the installer for 7.6.1, so I reverted to that version. I guess the lesson is not to install anything for the Squeezebox w/ version x.x.0.