View Full Version : LMS and LG TV Issue

2011-11-05, 08:52
Hi I have LMS 7.7.1 runnign on a WHS. The server also runs Serviio to serve photos to the LGLE32 TV. All OK.

So I thought I'd try using LMS for the photos and remove Serviio from the WHS. It almost works, I can see all my photo's on the TV but if I try to view them through folders the TV crashes and reboots! Serviio works fine in folder view and LMS works fine on folder view to an android phone.

A bug with the telly I suspect, but anyone seen this?


2011-11-05, 17:17
I think you are lucky you even got as far as getting LMS deliver anything to your TV.

Several have tried with Sony and Panasonic without any luck.

The DNLA part of LMS is not really that good. It properly only works well with the Logitech TV box which is the main reason why Logitech expanded the SBS functionality to LMS in the first place.