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Meshoulam, Arnon
2004-10-11, 04:55

For the SoftSqueeze, try running it the first time from the web
interface - main page, softsqueeze. It should install a desktop icon,
which points to the server each time. That should solve both 5 and 6



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I wonder if anyone could comment on the following observations (using
Slimserver 5.3.1, with Slimp3 player on XP):

1. Using the default formatting config (TITLE), browsing by directory
for MP3 gives a sort order of 'artist', then 'title', HOWEVER, for FLACs
it sorts them by 'title' first! Why??

2. Why does the default formatting of (TITLE) display as 'title' by
'artist' from 'album' ? I ask because it doesn't seem consistent with
the other format definitions, e.g. if I just put 'artist', then that's
all I see, when I might have expected it to say 'artist' with 'title'
from 'album'.

3. In the formatting config, what determines that the display will use
'with', 'from' etc? In other words, what I really want is the format
'artist' with 'title' from 'album', but if I put these filler words in
manually then they are all in bold font, making it hard to read. The
default seems to put words like 'with', 'from' in a non-bold format
compared to the artist name etc.

4. Do FLACs support the addition of jpegs in their tags, as with MP3's?
If not, what is the best way to store the images when I have a directory
full of flacs (recorded from 7" singles)?

5. I tried to use softsqueeze, but it was not so intuitive on where to
find the option to start it. Is there an easy way to create a desktop
shortcut to start it? Or could it be added to the Slimserver file menu?

6. Once I started softsqueeze, and then configured it (like giving it a
name), it seems that on closing it, and restarting it, it comes up as an
entirely new player (new mac address?) and shows up as,
instead of using the previous name and configuration etc. How do you
restart it so it comes back as the same player?

7. I couldn't seem to get perfect synchronisation with my slimp3 player.
The softsqueeze was always a fraction of a second behind, which was
quite noticable.

8. When I do a wipe cache for a complete rescan, would it be possible
for Slimserver to update its scanning message to say that it has
completed? Otherwise, seems I have to look at the CPU monitor to find

9. When playing FLACs, it seems that the FF and REW buttons on the
Slimp3 remote _only_ skip to the end or start of the current song, they
do NOT go through the song. Works fine for MP3's. I am beginning to
wonder whether FLACs are really worth the trouble!

After all that, I do have a squeezebox on order this week, but it just
doesn't seem to be so smooth just yet. Help with my questions would be
much appreciated!