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2011-10-30, 08:26
I have a number of Squeezeboxes, 2 booms, 1 classic and 2 receivers. If the squeeze server is restarted for any reason neither receiver will reconnect to the server unless the receiver is power cycled. The other systems work just fine.

The server is running Version: 7.6.1 - r33110 @ Wed Aug 17 19:52:41 MDT 2011 but this was seen on previous versions. The reveivers are both reported as:

Player Model: Squeezebox Receiver
Firmware: 77


2011-10-30, 09:31
That's known issue if you haven't used the SB Controller to setup the receivers. :-/

You can try using static IPs for the SBS and the receiver, that seems to work for some users...

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2011-10-30, 20:13
I have one receiver (out of three) which has always done this. Beyond the static ip is there some factory reset or anything else that can be done?