View Full Version : SqueezePlay & WMA

2011-10-28, 23:09
I have read some posts that state that SqueezePlay does not include a WMA decoder due to licensing which I imply to mean a royalty payment. Can someone expand on that? Is there no way to have SqueezePlay use the royalty paid WMA decoder already installed on a Windows PC?

2011-10-29, 00:01
No - the WMA decoder that Logitech has built into the Radio and Touch players cannot be included in the Squeezeplay for PCs - that is the licensing restriction.

Squeezplay can "play" WMA audio by letting SBS do the transcode WMA into Flac or MP3. If SBS is Windows based then all the software is included and should happen without any user changes. For Linux or OSX based SBS servers you can install a 3rd party application mplayer with the PlayWMA plugin to do the trancoding.