View Full Version : Why doesn't my Squeezebox2 support WPA encryption?

2011-10-26, 10:18

(Couldn't see any discussion group appropriate for old Squeezebox2 questions so that's why I'm putting this in the General group)

I've been intending to upgrade my wireless network from WEP to WPA encryption for years now but I always believed I couldn't because I understood Squeezebox2 doesn't support WPA. The reason I believed this was that when I enter the setup menu (hold left button down, then select Set up networking -> Connect to wireless network -> Europe -> <my network's SSID>), the only options available are 64 bit and 128 bit WEP.

I know what you're thinking: you've got an SB1 - not an SB2 (I've seen the threads about mis-selling on ebay). Not so I think:

- sticker on bottom says "Squeezebox2"
- Settings -> Information-> <player name> Information -> says "Model: Squeezebox2"
- Settings -> Information-> <player name> Information -> says "Firmware: 137"
- it has an ethernet bridge (which I think SB1 didn't support)

How can this be?

Thanks for any help,

2011-10-26, 10:29
Is your wifi network currently running WEP? This is probably why it only lets you choose from the 2 WEP choices. Try changing to WPA or WPA2 and it should ask you for a password instead.

2011-10-26, 13:08
Excellent - Thanks Andy - that was it! I just naturally assumed it would list all the types it supports irrespective of how the router is configured. That's solved a long time mystery!

Thanks for your speedy response.