View Full Version : Playlist menu item missing from devices...

2011-10-25, 20:16
I customize menus to include Playlists at the top level of the menu structure. For some reason, this menu item doesn't display on any of my devices (SB3, Transporter & Boom) -- scroll through the top level menu and it just jumps from 'New Music' to 'Pandora'.

It's there in the player settings for all of them (yes, I hit apply/save). I do have playlists, and can successfully get them to play from the web and iPhone interfaces. This used to work -- seems to be a bug in 7.6.1?

Anyone notice the same thing? Any ideas?

2011-10-25, 21:02
I am also running 7.6.1, but I haven't set Playlists as a top menu item on my ip3k players (SB2, SB3, Boom, etc). What I find strange -- and probably related to your case -- is that Playlists is not even among the items I can add to the home menu via Settings > Player > Menus. So it sounds like a bug to me.

A quick search of the bugs database turns up Bug 17511 (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=17511). You should vote for it.