View Full Version : Moodlogic :(

Kevin Weller
2004-10-10, 15:12
"That sound like a fine idea" I thought when I read about Moodlogic in
the remote control help. I went to the Moodlogic home page, downloaded
and played with the software. Seems OK. Doesn't recognise a lot of my
music but I expect that's because this is the trial version...It's not
though is it - as far as I can tell having now browsed the forums it
seems to be pretty much a dead product (Yes, I know I should have read
the support forums before parting with my money).

MusicMagic OTOH seems very much alive and allows me to try its full
functionality for 14 days before I pay. I don't suppose there's any way
of interfacing that with the Squeezebox is there?


Kevin Weller
2004-10-10, 15:29
Please forget the question. I just realised I could search the archives
which has answered my question - there isn't.