View Full Version : go slow

Graham Ridgway at home
2004-10-10, 13:14
Sometime over the last week or so, my slim system has gone on a go slow...

when browsing from the players or from the web console it takes ages to come
up (eg browse music folder). On the players you get the turning | and often
the web console gives up. Once an album is found it seems to play ok.
However doing a (slow) search seems to disrupt music on the players that are

I am running 5.2.1 on linux, 506 albums, 6810 songs, 1184 artists I have 4
slimp3s and 2 SB's currently in use. at least one of the slimp3s doesn't
seem to have the problem and one slimp3 and one SB (possibly both) have it.
Softsqueeze has it too.

I don't know how long it's been going on for (as I am not the main user in
the house), but I added the 2 SBs and did some server re-starting and
stopping last weekend, although I didn't notice the problem then.

Not sure where to start other than a reboot.

Thanks in advance!!