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wonder boy
2011-10-24, 13:03
Hi all

I have a 50% discount code for Logitech (lasts for 30 days) so am thinking of maybe buying a touch, I don't really need one but would like one...:-)

I have 2 booms,a radio and for my main listening room an SB3 running through a 20 year old Denon PMA 250 III amp powering 20 year old Mission 760i speakers.

If I buy the touch I will still use the SB3 in another room but will need either amp and speakers or indeed powered speakers.

Or would I get better results moving the SB3 and the retro kit out and getting something like the Audioengine A2s to go with the touch.

No great budget, listen to FLAC and spotify, solutions will need to be WAF (wife acceptance factor) compatible!

All comments appreciated including amp/speaker combos that work well with touch and don't break the bank!

2011-10-24, 14:34
I purchased a Touch to use in a listening area dedicated to headphones. I found myself controlling the Touch more through my iPod than through the Touch's touchscreen. So, I decided to move the Touch into our main listening area in the family room and took the SB3 that was there and used that in my headphone setup.

It's worked out much better in the family room. The touch screen gets used more often since you just walk up to it. Being a little smaller and newer, it has a more up-to-date look. My kids use it all of the time and really find the touch interface intuitive.

I would say get a Touch and put it in your main listening area and relegate your SB3 to less demanding duties, perhaps attached to some powered speakers.

wonder boy
2011-10-24, 15:31
Thanks for your comment, what amp/speakers do you have hooked up to the touch?