View Full Version : Large File Upload, how to use ?

2011-10-24, 07:03

How to use the Large File Upload feature ?


support asks for a file for debugging purposes, but I can't figure out how to use the feature to upload


2011-10-24, 07:08
I believe you need to have an ftp client on your computer. Then enter the credentials given for ftp server address, username, and password.

I'm not sure what ftp clients are easily available these days. On Windows I used to use something called WS-FTP. I'm sure you can find several freeware ftp clients for your platform with a quick google search.

2011-10-24, 07:18
ftp may be available via dos prompt to .

Or you can mount the ftp to a drive letter , maybe also make a shortcut to it

2011-10-24, 07:22
On windows, if you open a command line and try


and the command is not found, Control Panel, Programs and Features, then in the left column, Turn Windows features on or off.. turn on FTP client.

Another alternative is the free version of Core FTP Lite

2011-10-24, 07:56
Thanks, I completely forgot Windows had an ftp client.

So, to the OP, after you open the command window, type the following:

ftp [will change the command prompt to "ftp>" ]
open hybridize.org [the system will respond "connected to hybridize.org]
at username prompt type anonymous
cd incoming [server responds "OK. Current directory is incoming"]
type binary [sets transfer mode to binary, just in case it isn't default]
send name-of-your-file [where name-of-your-file is the actual name of your file]
[wait for transfer to finish]
quit [takes you back to system prompt. Can type 'exit' from there.]