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Laurent KRATZ
2004-10-10, 11:00
Hi all,

I just installed the slimserver software on my new pc, it leaded to an
upgrade of the firmware of my squeezebox.

I followed the steps : pressed the brightness button for a while, then
the squeezebox asked to be connected by wire : i made that.

and now the slim server doesn't see the player anymore. The player had
the when it was "wi-fi'ed", now once it's wired it has the as shown on the squeezebox screen.

I googled a bit, and found these threads :

when using the following url :

I get the following message :
2004-10-10 19:53:00.7229 upgrade failed: Connect failed Unknown error

I'm running Windows XP/Pro SP2
SlimServer Version: 5.3.1
The Router is D-Link DI-624+

Everything was working well before this upgrade :o(

Any clue ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Laurent KRATZ

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