View Full Version : Squeezeplay - keyboard shortcut to close?

2011-10-20, 06:04
I have been struggling for ages to find a way to play music on my HTPC using SqueezePlay without the computer going to sleep. I don't want to increase the sleep timeout to 3-4 hours, as if the HTPC has been left on and is not being actively used I want it to sleep.

I have now got a way to launch SqueezePlay from within MediaPortal. Great - MediaPortal will keep Windows awake waiting for Squeezeplay to be closed. Now I hit another problem: There appears to be no way to close Squeezeplay via a keyboard shortcut. The normal Alt-F4 combination has no effect.

Any ideas gratefully accepted. I have the music from Squeezeplay and Squeezeboxes perfectly in sync, which I thought would be the difficult bit. Just this last hurdle...