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Zak Metz
2004-10-09, 08:58
Thanks for that info, KDF. I'm getting desparate over here, so I think it's
time to stop lurking, fall to my knees, and beg for help.

I'm running Win2k on a 800Mhz machine with 512MB RAM. All up-to-date on
service updates.

My first install attempt was with 5.3.0 and it worked! Took a while to scan
my 12,000 all-MP3 files (mostly VBRs), but I was able to access
localhost:9000 in the meantime and stream out to a local player (I guess I
used iTunes...don't remember exactly).

Then I started trying to use SoftSqueeze since my real box has not arrived
just yet. I got it working on two XP machines, but it wouldn't work on the
local machine.

In desparation, I uninstalled and reinstalled 5.3.0 and I haven't been able
to run since. Slim.exe starts, eventually chews up 60MB or so, but never
"fully" starts. In other words, I could see slim.exe in the services list,
but localhost:9000 was not available, and the XP machines where SoftSqueeze
was working before could no longer connect. When I click on SlimServer in
the toolbar or with the desktop shortcut, I get a square box that says
"SlimServer for Windows / Starting Up". That box never goes away.

I've been lurking here and so already scanned my music folders for stray
links. None found. Again, this all worked the very first time I installed it
so I didn't really think that was the problem.

Based on other postings here, I tried 5.3.1, 5.2.1, and yesterday's nighly,
but they all behave in exactly the same way. I also saw suggestions about
pointing to a smaller folder of music files, so I reduced it a folder
containing a single album. Still, same results.

I finally found a posting about how to turn on debug. It revealed a failure
looking for the /SlimServer/server/Cache folder (BUG!), so I manually
created that. Now the debugging information ends with a successful write of
slimserver.db, but clicking on the SlimServer icon still hangs at the
"SlimServer for Windows / Starting Up" box (or as I like to call it, the
"Bom Bom Diggy window").

I'm at a loss as to where to go from here. I know this should be simple and
it was that first time before I idiotically tried to change versions for the
wrong reasons. This computer's been up a while and I have to wonder if the
OS itself has gotten corrupted or whatever, in fact I'd like to rebuild it
from scratch, but can't at the moment for other reasons.

I appreciate very much any help I can get. I'd sure like to have this
working before my box arrives.

Kind regards,
Zak Metz

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> How should one go about scanning for shortcuts?
start->search->files or folders
under "Search for files ro folders named;"
*.lnk ("Shortcut to*" is also likely valid for most systems)

choose the dries you want to search and click "search now"

same idea, but open "my computer" then click the search button in the


Daniel Hunter
2004-10-09, 09:18
This slim.exe starting, but hanging on the little Starting server box. I've
got that recently, not been able to connect to the SB for several days now,
the box starts, and gets a valid i.p., but cannot ever find the slimserver
any more.

Anyone got any ideas? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling various
builds, to no avail. Help!


Beesley, S
2004-10-09, 12:55
If you have a firewall, try turning that off to see if the console starts..

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Subject: [slim] No luck whatsoever

> Thanks for that info, KDF. I'm getting desparate over here, so I think
> it's
> time to stop lurking, fall to my knees, and beg for help.