View Full Version : ReadyNAS Ultra 2 - Squeezebox Server issues

2011-10-17, 07:47
Hello all!
I'm a new owner to a ReadyNAS Ultra 2. One of the main reasons for me to get a NAS was to store my music for my Squeezeboxes. Until now I have used my PC as storage.
I seem to run into problems when I try to install SBS 7.6.1 though. Installation wizard wont let me choose correct folders for music and playlists (under ReadyNAS folder Media/Music I have added two folders, Albums and Playlists). I can only choose Music as a last folder.

My second issue is that my squeezeboxes seem to loose contact with SBS every other minute. Very annoying. These things won't happen when I connect My SB3's to my SBS on the PC, then everything works as normal. I have also tried streaming some HD clips from my readyNAS to a laptop with great success. So, streaming issues seem to be isolated to SBS.

Anyone else who had issues similar to this with SBS 7.6.1?

I have posted the same Q in Netgears forum for the NAS.