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2004-10-09, 05:41

My first post. I have reported bug 614 but have yet to get a confirmed
response on whether this is a bug or not.

I am having problems getting the display command tro work from the URL CLI

Here is details from the bug report if anyone can make comments on what I am
doing wrong or whether this is a bug or not. The basis of the examples that
I have used came directly from the Slim FAQ or CLI web interface userguide.
It worked once for me, after I had immediately upgraded to 5.3.1 from 5.2.?,
but after a subsequent reboot, I have not managed to get it working again,
even though it was the same IE6 web session and I just hit the dropdown URL
address bar to recall the URL.

I am using Slimserver on Win2000 ( with Squeezebox at

Thanks for your help. Apologies if you ask me something and don;t get a
response. I will be away for a few days.


Description: Opened: 2004-10-08 11:05

Trying to display some text on my squeezebox. I have used the given example
from the FAQ. Also tried other combinations:

Where slimserver is at

The squeezebox displays nothing, other than what is previously displayed ie
clock (in standby) or playlist etc when on and the IE6 web browser returns:

__center__Thursday, 7 October 2004
__center__11:02:01 AM


------- Additional Comment #1 From KDF 2004-10-08 11:35 -------
you need to also state the player=<playerid> in the url.
------- Additional Comment #2 From Ian Hutt 2004-10-08 11:45 -------
Just upgraded to slim server 5.3.1 and problem resolved.
------- Additional Comment #3 From Ian Hutt 2004-10-08 12:00 -------
Just rebooted machine with 5.3.1 and display does not work, even when using
&player= (The IP address of the squeezebox).

Maybe this is a problem running as a Windows service? When it was working, I
had it running locally but I am unable to reporduce it working...

------- Additional Comment #4 From KDF 2004-10-08 12:17 -------
the id is the mac address of the squeezebox. look at player settings, at the
bottom. Or you can usually see the pleryer=<id> in the url of most links in
web interface. when grabbing from CLI, use player <index> id, insead of 'ip'
------- Additional Comment #5 From KDF 2004-10-08 12:29 -------
also, you dont need the xml/ in there. it shoudln't hurt, but its not
------- Additional Comment #6 From Ian Hutt 2004-10-08 12:43 -------
The examples that I used came direct from the FAQ. No player ID is listed.
Also, when I first installed 5.3.1, it worked without player ID, then after
reboot, stopped working. Both occasions coming from the same IE6 browser
session on the same remote machine - ie drop down url box was
to send exactly the same request to slim server so something changed as a
result of the reboot.

The web interface documentation states that playerid can either be the IP
address or the MAC address althought it does mention that this is dependant
the client. Further examples in this section still do not work, ie Will
robinson/hi Mom. Additionally, the status being returned is correct for the
single player in the system, so part of the request is correctly working. Im
afraid, I do not see that the player id is the problem, or the slim
documentation is incorrect.
------- Additional Comment #7 From Ian Hutt 2004-10-08 12:50 -------
Removed /xml and used MAC address, still doesn't work:

------- Additional Comment #8 From KDF 2004-10-08 13:09 -------
with 5.3.1 on my windows machine, all of the above examples are working.
afraid I cannot reproduce this one. Maybe Dean will have some suggestions.
I suggest you contact slimDevices support, as I suspect this isn't
necessarily a
bug, but I'm no expert on the CLI and URL display commands so I can't think
anything that might be making this not work for you. As you said, it worked
after upgrading. Another option is to try the latest nightly, though i do
recall any specific fix that would have addressed this issue.
------- Additional Comment #9 From KDF 2004-10-08 13:32 -------
you might also want to try posting to the discussion list. Other users may
able to confirm the problem, or point out what might be going wrong for you.